What you can expect from this course

This course contains twelve videos + a practical workbook on how to master the challenge to scale up your business without burning out.

The videos were recorded at an executive event with a group of entrepreneurs.

Each video is between 5 and 15 minutes long.  The first four videos can be accessed free of charge.

Video 1: Introduction to the course (8 min) 

Video 2: Top reasons to scale up your business (6 min)

Video 3: Firing yourself (10 min)

Video 4: Get more done by doing less yourself (6 min)

To preview the first 4 videos, click here

Video 5: Clarify your strategy using the one-page strategy execution planner (tool to download)

Video 6: Systematize and simplify (4 min)

Video 7: Build strong personal and organisational habits (6 min)

Video 8: Create a scalable delivery model (4 min)

Videos 9 to 12 are about how to use the one-page strategy execution planner

Video 9: Values (14 min)

Video 10: Ambition adn (10 min)

Video 11: Key challenges and strategic pillars (11 min)

Video 12: One-year and quarterly planning (13 min)

Why take this course

Few things are more exciting for the entrepreneurially minded than building and growing a business. The challenge, for leaders of both commercial companies and non-profit organisations, is to keep growing successfully without losing the fun of managing the day-to-day along the way.

Even organisations with great people, great products and years of successful growth can reach a point when things “just don’t feel right any more”, or “don’t work as well as they used to”. Taking on new clients, projects and employees often translates into longer working hours and lower levels of satisfaction for the management team. 

If managing your business is not as enjoyable as it used to be, and your management team is saying “there must be a better way to run this business”, then your organisation has probably reached the “Scale-Up Point”.

Almost every business with real growth potential experiences it but only a fraction of them manage to move beyond it, continue their journey and achieve their ambitions.  

In this workshop you will learn what you can do to tackle the challenge of scaling up and, get the fun back into your business.

This mini-course contains the recording of a workshop in which we covered: 

  • Why businesses with great people and great products hit a growth ceiling.
  • The typical stages in business growth and how to move beyond the Scale-up Point.
  • A proven framework to guide your managers through your scaling up journey.
  • Five key strategies help you to scale up your small to medium-sized business.
  • Seven simple tools to increase effectiveness in your management team.

About Andreas Wettstein

Andreas is Managing Partner of Agility3, a consulting firm on a mission to help leaders “get the Mojo back into their business” by showing them how to remove obstacles for growth enables them to reach new levels of business performance and achieve a better quality of life. 

Since founding Agility3 in 2013, Andreas has worked with many companies on their journey to scaling up. See testimonials here www.agility3.com/testimonials.

Andreas started his career with Nestlé, where one of his key achievements was setting up a new manufacturing operation in China. Since 2000, he has acted as a business change and transformation advisor, holding senior positions in consulting firms such as PwC, Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini. 


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Course curriculum

Pricing options

You have two options. The regular price gives you access to the all the videos and worksheets. The option with a coaching includes a 90-minute coaching call with the workshop presenter.